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    The truth is that as people age, the Immune system declines. This is called “Immunosenescence.” Senescence means aging. Hence, Ïmmunesenescence implies the changes in the Immune System due to aging.

    Your body undergoes several Immune system changes as you age:

    • Fewer T cells (cells that help the body to recognize and fight infections.)
    • Less effective T cells and B cells ( B cells also help to fight infections).
    • Less response to vaccination.
    • More susceptible to complications from viral illnesses(such as the flu or Covid 19).
    • Chronic low-grade inflammation.

    The most critical and primary defense against infections and diseases is a healthy Immune system, especially for people susceptible to age-related injuries and health problems. Making practical improvements to your diet and lifestyle may improve how you feel at any age or stage of your life.

    Your body requires certain essential nutrients to grow, function properly, and live a healthy life. Unfortunately, your body cannot produce these nutrients independently, so you must get them through a healthy and balanced diet.

    These  are some classes of essential nutrients for a healthy Immune System among the “more mature” people :

    Carbohydrates provide the requirement of energy and calories in your diet.

    Fats give you energy and are helpful in the normal development and growth of your body. They help keep your immune function intact, help in hormone production and vitamin absorption.

    Proteins and amino acids are major structural components of your body’s cells. They are the building blocks of your cells and tissues. They are also required in repairing tissues and maintaining muscle and lean body mass.

    Vitamins – Thirteen essential vitamins have important jobs: helping you resist infection, assisting with blood clotting, keeping your nerves healthy, and your metabolism running.

    Minerals are only needed in small amounts. They play a vital role in muscle contraction, fluid balance, food digestion, bone-building, and regulating your blood pressure.

    Water is also a vital nutrient that aids in regulating the body temperature, transporting essential nutrients to cells and removal of waste from the body.
    Water also acts as a shock absorber and lubricant for your bones and joints.

    Bioactive compounds have not been shown to lead to deficiencies if they are missing in the diet. However, they may positively impact health. Bioactives are a big part of nutritional research. Scientists are trying to unlock the potential health benefits of bioactive compounds. Carotenoids are the Bioactives that you have likely heard of.  These colorful plant pigments in bright red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables act as powerful antioxidants. They may help eliminate the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease, reduce the risk of eye disease, and fortify the immune system in general.

    Resveratrol is also a bioactive compound found in the skin of grapes, mulberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    Flavanols from a part of the flavonoid family. They are found plentiful in tea, red wine, and cocoa. They also influence your cardiovascular health positively.

    Phytosterols are steroid compounds found in plants. These compounds may lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

    Phytoestrogens,  found in soy and other legumes, are also being studied for their potential in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

    Healthy eating is essential at every age. However, the quantum of nutrients you need and the ability of your body to process them can change over time and depend on your health status. 

    As you age, you may need more B12 for brain and blood health, more fiber for a healthy digestive system, Vitamin D, and Calcium for bone health. People who experience that their sense of thirst is declining will require to boost their water intake. Your medical conditions or the medications you take may also need you to adjust your diet.
    It is essential to talk to a healthcare team when deciding the best nutritional plan for you.
    A diet packed with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains are all you need to nourish yourself with all the required nutrients.

    Image, Immunity booster food for senior people

    Immunity booster food for senior people

    Superfoods are all-natural foods containing vitamins and minerals that help nourish bodies and fight disease. The wiser generation hasspecific nutrient needs as human physiology changes as they age. This means that some foods can be specifically beneficial to aging bodies. Eating a particular type of food will not help you cure a disease or prevent dementia. However, a healthy diet packed with nutritious food does have its benefits. There are lots of foods that are good for senior citizens. Some of them are:

    Sweet bell pepper

    Sweet bell peppers contain very few calories. A whole cup of them has a senior’s daily allowance of Vitamin A and C and Vitamin B6. 


    Carrots are very high in Vitamin A. Numerous studies have shown that individuals consuming higher levels of Vitamin A will not develop Alzheimer’s disease.

    Sweet potato

    Sweet potatoes are packed with both nutrients and a sweet flavor. They are one of the most versatile and healthy vegetables available for senior nutrition.

    • Sweet potatoes naturally contain disease-preventing, cancer-fighting, and immune-boosting benefits. 
    • Sweet potatoes are good sources of anti-inflammatory nutrients.
    • Good choice for those who have asthma or arthritis.


    Blueberries have Vitamin K, C, fiber, and other antioxidants. Research on aging and Alzheimer’s disease reveals that blueberries may improve memory and coordination.


    Spinach has potassium, magnesium, and Lutein, which may help prevent clogged arteries. 
    Spinach has also been proven to improve blood flow.


    Eggs have only 75 calories per serving, and they contain 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. Zeaxanthin and Lutein are found in egg yolks. They may reduce the risk of cataracts and help prevent macular degeneration.


    Yogurt can contribute to the calcium requirement needed to prevent osteoporosis. Good bacteria are added to some yogurt which may help people with digestive problems.


    Most nuts are high in fat, but not all fats are bad. Omega 3 fatty acids help with inflammation and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. Pistachios are high in potassium, almonds are high in magnesium, and even peanuts are considered healthy for seniors. These nuts are quick, heart-healthy foods that will suppress your appetite and keep you feeling fuller for longer. They also have anti-aging properties.


    Apples are an excellent food for those struggling to maintain their blood sugar levels or have high cholesterols. The soluble fiber that apples contain helps lower cholesterol and slow the uptake of glucose. Apples also provide potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

    Immune system booster pills

    People with deficiencies or with evolving nutritional needs at different stages of life may consider dietary supplements to add missing nutrition to their diets. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and bioactives.

    Healthy diet include vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals for seniors

    Best Immunity booster supplement for senior people

    Munulex is a safe dietary supplement that can help keep your immune system healthy. There are plenty of dietary supplements out there in the market which may not be safe for you. This makes being an informed consumer crucial. 

    Visit us at for a greater insight into our food supplement product.

    When it comes to healthy aging, you can follow some practical suggestions to boost energy and stay active.

    Apart from having a balanced diet and supplementing your food, it would help if you did the following:

    • Make sure that you sleep properly.
    • Ensure that you exercise regularly.
    • Try to keep your stress under control.
    • Reach out to friends and families and take part in activities that you enjoy.
    • Potentially explore things such as meditation or other exercises that are aimed at reducing stress.
    • Reduce your alcohol consumption as alcohol can suppress your Immune system.

    Studies reveal that our Industrial farming practices have depleted the soil of essential nutrients. This has resulted in foods, fruits, and vegetables that are not as nutritious as they used to be. Among other things, you’ve got pesticides and other chemicals that are in the soil. When they are in the soil, they can also be in the food that we eat. So our food naturally is less nutritious than ever. This is a critical point of concern for all age groups and deciding on a nutritional supplement is a challenge.

    Optimize your health by adding a food supplement that gives your immune system the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. Reach out to us at to discover the health benefits of Munulex and discover how Munulex can help you stay healthy.

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