Refreshing immunity boosting drinks for elders

With age, the ability of your immune system to safeguard the body against foreign invaders may begin to decline due to medical conditions, medications, and the natural effects of aging. Consider adding the following healthy drinks to your diet to boost your immune system. These Immunity boosting drinks will help keep you healthy during cold… Continue reading Refreshing immunity boosting drinks for elders

Role of antioxidants to strengthen immune system

In our fight against the global pandemic, we all need to boost our immune systems from the food we eat. We often come across articles that mention that a particular food is rich in antioxidants and helps fight free radicals? Well, that sounds good, but what are free radicals?

How to build strong immunity in seniors?

The truth is that as people age, the Immune system declines. This is called “Immunosenescence.” Senescence means aging. Hence, √Źmmunesenescence implies the changes in the Immune System due to aging.